The Senator Legion


Fan Club for Sangamon County, Illinois


The Senator Legion is Warhammer 40k club for the residents of Sangamon County, Illinois where we can come together to play, discuss, learn, and simply enjoy the amazing universe of Warhammer 40k! We host monthly gatherings to play the tabletop and discuss all things Warhammer 40k! Additionally, we host special events to bring the community together and introduce others to the grimdark future!


The basic requirements to join are: 1) you must be a resident of Sangamon County, IL, 2) you must be at least 13 years of age (those 13-16 must be accompanied by a guardian at all in-person events).


The Senator Chapter meets once per month to play and discuss Warhammer 40k. In addition, we host special events such as “learn to plays”, movie screenings of Warhammer 40k animations, book club, and an annual tournament. Outside of schedule meetings and events, we host a discord server and play pickup games online in various forms of Warhammer 40k digital games such a Darktide, Tacticus, and more!

The Senator Chapter

The Senator Chapter is our homebrew chapter of Space Marines inspired by the local Springfield High secondary school. The themes and colors are modeled around this local educational and sports establishment.

The lore of the chapter is based upon an imperial world where the concept of democracy has held sway across the millenia presenting in the form of the members of the Astartes calling Sangamon Primus (Segmentum Ultima) their home occupy the Senate of the planetary legislature with citizens elected to a lower house.

With a chapter motto of, “At Rangda we were reborn” and such battle cries of “Remember Rangda” and “Honor the Eleventh”, the Senator Chapter is steeped in myth and legend, though in official Imperial records the chapter is recorded as a second-founding Ultramarines successor. Regardless of this claim, the chapter has gone to great lengths at protecting their gene seed by dedicating two entire companies to permanent service with the Adeptus Mechanicus in lieu of providing the otherwise-required quotas.

In battle, the chapter known for employing two basic tactics; one of stealth and targeting strikes,and the other of stand-off warfare utilizing heavy armor and artillery. Along with this unique doctrine, the Senators utilize their alliance with the Mechanicus in the form of frequent mechanical enhancements at a level not seen anywhere among astartes short of the Iron Hands themselves. Notably, this use of mechanical enhancements seems to be more an acceptance of practical tools, rather than an admonishment of the flesh as is the case with the Iron Hands.

With 10000 years of history, the Senators have seen their share of conflicts. Particularly noteworthy rivalries exist between the Dark Mechanicum, where the Mechanicus frequently rely upon them as a sort of “special force” in dealing with the foes of the Omnissiah. Additionally, the forces of the Necron have found particular hatred from the chapter since the awakening began. Lastly, the Senators have frequently been called in where traitor Titan Legions or Knight Houses have been deployed and the Imperial forces lack the ability to deploy suitable counterparts.

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